Welcome to my website. I'm a UK counsellor and life coach based in Amsterdam and work mainly with expats and international students. If you feel anxious, unhappy, confused, helpless or plain hacked off you have come to the right place. I can work with you towards understanding your emotions and making them more manageable. We can explore your circumstances, resources and behaviour and the choices you can make to improve them. In essence, we work together on shaping your life to better suit you.



Face-to-face counselling or coaching is the most effective as it accelerates the client-therapist relationship and provides a model for authenticity and positive regard the client can bring to real-life relationships with their partner, friends and family members.  I practise from my home, close to Weesperplein in Amsterdam. For clients who can't come in person, therapy on Google Meet or Zoom is the next best thing. Some clients opt for a combination of online and live sessions so they can continue counselling when travelling or juggling other commitments in a busy schedule.