Therapy in Amsterdam and online

Everyone experiences emotional ups and downs and therapy offers you the chance to discuss what’s going on in your life, in your relationships and in your mind with a trained, impartial professional who has no motive but to help you make sense of your personal situation and explore opportunities to make it better. As client you are in control of the therapy process and free to steer it in whatever direction you choose, always at your own pace. I guide and support you in getting a clear picture of what you truly want or need from life and ways to attain it.   

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts” 

-Marcus Aurelius 

By its very nature, life continuously demonstrates that no matter how positive or prepared you are, things don’t always go according to plan. I believe that happiness comes from understanding what drives us and finding meaning in our lives. Getting to know exactly what makes you thrive or falter, will enable you to understand how to deal with certain people and situations and make better life decisions.


Therapy costs €90,00 per sixty-minute session and takes place either online or at my home practice close to Weesperplein in Amsterdam.

My therapy approach

During therapy sessions, I help clients to challenge their deep-seated beliefs and behaviours. I allow the client to describe their childhood, family dynamic or anything from their past they feel is contributing to their current issue.

The client always leads in terms of what we discuss and using a mix of coaching and therapy techniques we explore the resources they have to make positive change.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) approach diagram.
Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) approach diagram.

How to get started

If you are interested in starting therapy with me in Amsterdam or online, please call, email or book an intake call down below. The call will last about 15 minutes and allow us to see if we’re a good fit.

From there we can set up your first appointment for therapy or coaching.

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What my clients say

“After working with Laura I’m back to feeling more energized than I have in a long time. 
I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious about some upcoming life changes that I knew needed to be made; but was lacking the courage to make them. Laura helped me prepare for the difficult conversations I would need to have. I went into them with confidence and it all ended up more positively than I had anticipated. She also helped me look ahead with ideas and goals to not revert back to the same behavior/way of thinking. I know it will be more difficult in practice; but I do feel more assured that I won’t fall into old habits as easily.”
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BA (31)
“Laura helped me to see things with clarity and to come to a point of self-understanding in order to change old habits and thought patterns that didn’t serve me well. With that understanding has come a level of self-acceptance and love that I feel more content and balanced than I’ve felt in a long time.”
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LF (39)
“I was very apprehensive before starting therapy but I am so glad that I did. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Laura, she really helped me to see clearly the relationship between many of my negative thought patterns as well as giving me some useful techniques on how to try and challenge them. The sessions really helped me to realise some of the things I need to let go of to move forward. Personally, I enjoyed being given exercises to challenge myself and really think through my thoughts and feelings to discuss in the sessions. Laura provides a warm, safe, and non-judgemental space to delve into whatever issues you’re having. I cannot thank Laura enough for our sessions and I would highly recommend you giving therapy a try.”
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ES (25)
“Laura helped me to look at both myself and incidents that occured in a new light, and to take away a new, and improved perspective. She never forced any topic, never pushed beyond my comfort levels and I never once felt any judgement, only a comfortable platform to speak plainly. My experience from working with Laura is very positive, and I can safely say that my time in sessions with her saved my relationship and led to a better sense of self.” 
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CG (39)
“I got in touch with Laura at a time in my life where I was really struggling to feel any enjoyment or fulfillment. Laura provided me a safe space to speak openly about my fears and vulnerabilities and to help me to recognise where I was demanding too much of myself (and others). I really appreciated her warmth and input. Sometimes when I’m being overly critical I can hear her voice in my head saying ‘perhaps, it’s good enough’. I’m forever thankful to her!”
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SS (36)
Laura has a natural intuition into human nature and it’s quite  
amazing to be on the receiving end of one of her insights. She’s so supportive and  
nonjudgmental, it always helps to talk to her. But she’s not just a good listener. She’s an  
experienced therapist, so if she suspects you’re avoiding some issue that’s holding you back, she  
can be gently challenging. As for the depression and anxiety that forced me to seek her help, she  
jolted me out of some lifelong negative thought patterns.
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SM (31)