“After working with Laura I’m back to feeling more energized than I have in a long time.
I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious about some upcoming life changes that I knew needed to be made; but was lacking the courage to make them. Laura helped me prepare for the difficult conversations I would need to have. I went into them with confidence and it all ended up more positively than I had anticipated. She also helped me look ahead with ideas and goals to not revert back to the same behavior/way of thinking. I know it will be more difficult in practice; but I do feel more assured that I won’t fall into old habits as easily.” – BA (31)

“I want to thank you again so much for your kind support and insight. I would not be where I am now, mentally or emotionally, without our sessions and, more specifically, your help over the past few months.” – ES (26)

“I was very apprehensive before starting therapy but I am so glad that I did. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Laura, she really helped me to see clearly the relationship between many of my negative thought patterns as well as giving me some useful techniques on how to try and challenge them. The sessions really helped me to realise some of the things I need to let go of to move forward. Personally, I enjoyed being given exercises to challenge myself and really think through my thoughts and feelings to discuss in the sessions. Laura provides a warm, safe, and non-judgemental space to delve into whatever issues you’re having. I cannot thank Laura enough for our sessions and I would highly recommend you giving therapy a try.” – ES (25)

“Laura made me feel comfortable immediately even though I was pretty apprehensive about scheduling that first appointment, not knowing what to expect. Our sessions really helped me put things into perspective & consider different views (mainly of myself) that I’d never thought of before. Some advice that Laura gave me plays through my head nowadays when tough situations arise, and I’m extremely happy to have met her! If you have any hesitation about taking the leap – just go for it – Laura is warm and friendly and really helped me to put my mind at ease after some big life changes. Thank you!” – KA (30)

“When I first met Laura, I was nervous about undertaking counselling and unsure of what to expect. But quickly after meeting Laura, she made me comfortable and at ease, clearly explaining the process. She helped me tackle problems of self-esteem, confidence and anxiety – always in a very respectful and observant way. Laura is very gentle and I found our sessions extremely valuable, quite often she could see what I could not see and bring this to my attention in an enlightening way. Her questions were always ones that now I know, I carry with me and ask myself in times of trouble. She provided me with combatting techniques that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.” – BR (25)

“The most useful aspect is being able to talk to someone who is non-judgemental and to explain my concerns without having to burden family/friends as I don’t want to put pressure on them or make them concerned about me as they have their own problems.” – SD (48)

“I decided to contact Laura at a point when my life actually felt quite together, but wanted to develop a strategy to avoid slipping back into old patterns of self-doubt and stress. Laura was great – encouraging me to be bold where she could sense I needed a little push, but also letting me explore my own solutions to the dilemmas or obstacles I was facing. The sessions were relaxed but direct when they needed to be, and she often suggested practical ‘homework’ which meant I could measure my progress by facts as much as feelings. All in all, very positive takeaway, and it is nice to know that the door is open in case of need in the future.” – AC (39)

“I came to Laura when I was in having a really hard time mentally. Talking to her felt so easy, she was kind natured and caring. She helped me to put things into perspective, gave me advice to deal with situations and she also taught me not to be so hard on myself. Now, even though I’m sure I will have some ups and downs, I am feeling stronger, happier and much less anxious. Thank you so much!” – JS (30)

“Laura helped me to see things with clarity and to come to a point of self-understanding in order to change old habits and thought patterns that didn’t serve me well. With that understanding has come a level of self-acceptance and love that I feel more content and balanced than I’ve felt in a long time.” – LF (39)

“My sessions with Laura took place in an atmosphere of comfort and trust. I was relieved to be able to discuss a family-related issue which had previously kept me awake at nights.
As the weeks went on, the issue felt less pressing, and turned out to be a catalyst in the sense of becoming aware of unhelpful traits and patterns in my own behaviour. We discussed these at length, and Laura’s timely suggestions and insights helped me to find a way forward. Laura demonstrated real empathy and expertise so that within a relatively short time I began to feel more relaxed, more confident and above all less preoccupied in my interaction with others.
I highly recommend Laura who is highly skilled in what she does and compassionate at the same time. It was also a huge advantage to me to be able to express certain deep-seated feelings in my own language.” – DW (54)